Extracts from BRADE probate records

The Lancashire Record Office



The will of WILLIAM BRADE of Everton, Esq., dated 20 February 1818, refers to|:-


Sister Isabella Brade;

William, Daniel and Robert (the eldest) sons of deceased brother James of Everton, Esq.;

Natural son called James Vaughan son of Jane Taylor of the Island of Montserrat, deceased; and Isabel and Ann Vaughan and Mary Taylor, daughters of Jane Taylor;

William Brade Brocklebank ; Jane and Mary children of deceased sister Agnes Brocklebank;

Half-sisters Jane, Ann, Margaret and Eleanor Brade;

“Robert William Daniel Harper James Sarah Agnes Mary” children of deceased brother James.


He died April 1820. Probate granted 4 May 1820. Value of personalty under £50,000

(It was known that he owned land at Forton)




The will of William Brade of Thornton, Yeoman, dated 23 December 1834, refers to:-


            Wife Elizabeth;

            Son George, Yeoman of Thornton:

            William son of deceased son John


He died 12 April 1837. Probate was granted 22 June 1837. Value of personalty under £450.



Administration of the goods of JOHN WAKEFIELD BRADE of Lancaster, cabinet maker, who died 12 August 1835, was granted 31 October 1851 to brother James Brade of Burton, County Westmorland, Gent.  Co-bondsman John Herdman Sherson, gent and William Roper, tobacconist, both of Lancashire. Value of personalty under £100




The will of WILLIAM BRADE of Forton, yeoman, dated 28 May 1763, refers to:-


            Brother-in-law Timothy Welsh of Ellel;

            Brother James:

            William Harrison of Ellen and George his son, no relationship stated.


Probate was granted 18 June 1763




The will of MARY BRADE of Forton, spinster, dated 11 March 1808, refers to:-


            Sister Isabella Brade;

Elizabeth Williamson, widow, natural daughter of deceased brother Robert;

Mary McDonnough, natural daughter of deceased brother Daniel and her unspecified children;

Agnes and Daniel Vings, natural children of said brother Daniel by Louisa Vings of the Island of Dominica;

Peggy widow of deceased father James Brade;

Mary daughter of Brother James;

Half-sister Jane Brade, under age;

Nieces Jane and Mary Brocklebank, under age;

Half-sisters Margaret, Ann and Eleanor Brade, all under age;

Nephews Robert Brade Brocklebank and William Brocklebank, both under age;

Sister Agnes Brocklebank;

Brother William; of Liverpool, Merchant, Bondsman

Rev. John Brocklebank, relationship unspecified. Bondsman


She died 22 November 1810

Probate granted 18 May 1811

Value of personalty under £3500



The will of JOHN BRADE of Ribby, gent. Dated 11 February 1822, refers to:-


            Father William of Thornton, husbandman;

Brothers George Brade of Thornton, Yeoman and Richard;

Wife Jane;


He died 16 February 1822

Probate was granted 29 January 1823

Value of personalty under £200.



The will of RICHARD BRADE of Thornton, husbandman, dated 25 October 1830, refers to:-


Father William, yeoman of Thornton

Brother George;

Wife Jane;

Children Mary, Betty and William


He died 18 December 1831

Probate was granted 5 March 1831

Value of personalty under £200



The will of JANE BRADE (widow), dated 27 May 1805 refers:-

All wearing apparel to daughter Ellen and Nanny Brade wife of son Robert to be equally divided.

To Richard Brade, son, my winnowing  machine .

To Robert, Richard and Ellen, all household furniture, utensils and every kind of household items, all bedding and bed clothes to be equally divided.

To Thomas £100, Robert £100, Richard £100 and Ellen £100.

To grandson John £50 after the age of 15, interest to my son Richard and granddaughter Jane £50 at the age of 15, interest to my son Richard.


Executers : Robert Brade, John Rimmer of Birkdale.

Witnesses: John Rimmer, John Ball

                                                                                                (refers to Card index B1)


The will of WILLIAM BRADE of Poulton, yeoman, dated 20 October 1781 refers to;-


Grandchildren William, Robert and Jennet children of son John,

Ann daughter of daughter Ann the wife of James Reveld, Agnes daughter of son James, Mary daughter of son William, William and Mary Butcher children of deceased daughter Mary and Thomas son of deceased son Thomas;

Jane Brade, widow, relationship unspecified.

Sons John, James and William


Probate granted 21 November 1781



Administration of the goods of MARGARET BRADE of Thornton, spinster, who died 4 April 1827, was granted 27 November 1828 to brother George Brade of Thornton, husbandman, father William of Thornton, yeoman, having renounced. Co-bondsmen James Parkinson and James Hull, gents. Value of personalty under £100.



The will of ANN wife of RICHARD BRADE of Woodplumpton, yeoman, dated 23 March 1776, refers to:-


Margaret wife of Thomas Brade of Cleveley , miller, and

Jane wife of Hugh Moss of Goosnargh, husbandman, relationship not stated.


The will was not proved.



The will of WILLIAM BRADE of Preston, wine and liquor merchant, dated 30 October 1799 refers to :-


Sons William and Thomas;

Real estate at Catforth in Woodplumpton;

Wife Alice;

Sister Margaret Bare


Probate was granted 24 October 1807

Value of personalty under £2000



The will of JAMES BRADE of Banks in North Meols, husbandman, dated 26 September 1742 refers to :-


Brothers John and Thomas

Brother-in-law William Wright and his son James, under age.


Probate; 15 October 1743



The will of JOHN BRADE of North Meols, yeoman dated 3 June 1783 refers to :-


Wife Jane

Sons Thomas, Robert, Richard, all under age

Daughters Ellen, Betty, Catherine, all under age


He died 13 September 1786

Probate: 28 May 1787.  Personalty under £300


                                                                                                (refers to Card index B108)



The will of JOHN BRADE of North Meols, Yeoman dated 3 June 1783. Probate granted 27 May 1787


The whole of my estate to my wife Jane for the maintenance and up bringing of my children:- Eldest son Thomas, second son Robert, youngest son Richard, Eldest daughter Ellen, second daughter Betty and youngest daughter Catherine.

To Thomas goes my clothes, to Robert my clock which stands in the house and to Richard my leather chest which stands in the house.

To Ellen, Betty and Catherine, one each feather bed and bedding which stands in the house.


The executors of the will, Jane (wife), Thomas Ball and James Blundall of Hesketh Bank.


Witnesses: John Haughton, Henry Jackson, John Maco???by


                                                                                                (refers to Card index B108)



The administration of the goods of JOHN BRADE of Skerton, house carpenter, was granted 28 August 1801 to son Matthew Brade of Liverpool, mariner, co-bondsman James Parkinson, gent, and Richard Gillow, cooper, both of Lancaster. Value of Personalty under £300



The administration of the goods of BENJAMIN BRADE of Broughton, infant, who died July 1796, was granted 7 December 1802 to his father James of Broughton, Gent.

Co-bondsman The Rev. John Brocklebank of Whitbeck, County Cumbria and Joseph Turner of Broughton, Innholder.

Further administration was granted 30 November 1815 to the Rev. John Brocklebank, James Brade having died without administering. Co-bondsmen Rev. James Ireland of Chester and William Brade of Liverpool, Esq.



The will of THOMAS BRADE of Liverpool, Mariner, dated 21 December 1795 refers to:-


Wife Elizabeth


Probate was granted 29 November 1805.

Value of personalty under £100



The will of ELLEN BRADE of North Meols, single woman, dated 5 November 1811 refers to:-


Brothers Richard, Robert, and Thomas;

Ann wife of Robert.


She died 4 December 1814.

Probate was granted 2 February 1815

Value of personalty under £300


                                                                                                (refers to Card index B2)


The will of ELLEN BRADE dated 5 November 1811

Probate granted 2 February 1815


All Buildings and premises in North Meols to brother Richard.

Clock to brother Robert

To brother Thomas one feather bed and one chaff bed and furniture to each of them likewise.  Also to Thomas £90, Robert £90 and Richard £50. To Ann wife of Robert all my clothes and wearing apparel.


Witnesses Betty Brookfield, Richard Rymer, Alice Brookfield


                                                                                                (refers to Card index B2)





The will of JAMES BRADE of Broughton  par. Kirkby, Ireloth, dated 27 December 1805 refers to:-


First wife un-named

Sons Thomas and Benjamin, infants;

Deceased son Robert;

Sons James and Simon;

Son-in-law Rev. John Brocklebank of Whitbeck, County Cumberland;

Three infant daughters, Peggy, Ann and Eleanor;

Wife Peggy


Probate was granted  6 May 1807.

Value of personalty under £3000


On 30 November 1815 a further grant of probate was made to the Rev. John Brocklebank in respect of this will.



The will of ROWLAND BRADE of Freckleton, yeoman refers to:-


John Cook of Preston, mechanic

Thomas Greene of Freckleton, mechanic

Wife Mary Ann Brade

Daughter Ann Jane Brade


Died 12 December 1846.  Will dated 29 October 1846

Value of personalty under £200



The will of JANE BRADE of Freckleton refers to:-


Son Rowland Brade

Mother Agnes Marshall


Executers son Rowland Brade, Edward Singleton, the younger of freckleton, yeoman.

Dated 4 January 1845

Died 28 April 1845



The will of ELIZABETH BRADE commonly called BETTY BRADE, residing at Skippool within Thornton, widow of William Brade late of Thornton refers to:-


Daughters Alice Banks and Betty Brade

John Brade son of daughter Betty

Margaret daughter of daughter Betty

Rowland son of daughter Betty

Betsy daughter of daughter Betty

Betty daughter of late son Richard

Son George

Brother John Parkinson of Little Singleton, Yeoman


Dated 10 May 1842

Died 7 November 1846